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Business Hours:11:00-18:00
Brief:DUANMU is a Beijing-based luxury brand, which was launched in 2011. Qi Tian, the founder and designer of DUANMUJ graduated from School of Architecture, Tsinghua University and then continued his study at the University of Pennsylvania. After returning to China, Qi Tian began to devote to designing and producing top-quality woodenware. The establishment of DMLJ came from his inspiration of using wood and silk brocade to carry onward the traditional Chinese virtue of upright and fine quality. D for Duanzheng as upright in Chinese, and L for youliang as fine quality in China. Wood is the brand’s essential element. All of its products are basically wood-made, along with silk brocade and leather accessories. The brand team restores the classic Tang-dynasty-style wood inlaid techniques that are used to design products in a modern manner. With a passion for history,DUANMU is inspired by the heyday of the Tang dynasty. The brand integrates elements of Tang’s world-class aesthetic achievements into its luxury products for more attention on the world stage. DUANMU devotes to luxury options for elites. It takes you into an amazing cultural journey and evocates the joy of life representing the glamour in ancient China.