horizon art space
Address:北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路2号 798艺术区2号门 797路 Consult A Map
Business Hours:10::00-18::00
Brief:Horizon Art Space, belongs to the Beijing Horizon Art Development co., LTD. It was established in the 798 Art Zone at the end of 2014.We are committed to discover, promote and recommend the excellent Chinese young and middle-aged artists, effort to promote the development of Chinese Contemporary Art. We also concentrate on broadening the culture and art communication with the world and strengthen the international extension of Chinese Contemporary Art. At the same time, Horizon Art Space is going to develop with the artists together and we support each other. Besides, We provide the best services wholeheartedly for the general art lovers and collectors by the high quality service concept, abundant friend-sourcing and professional opinions.