Pixel Bookstore
Address:7 xing zhong jie, 798 art zone, 4 jiuxianqiao road, chaoyang district, Beijing Consult A Map
Business Hours:10:00-18:00
Brief:Pixel Bookstore was founded in 2007 and is located in the 798 art ying art center/ying gallery in Beijing. It is the largest professional photography bookstore in China, named pixel bookstore by its founder, Mr. Matsu. The bookstore has been adhering to the "service for photographers" business philosophy, for the selection of books, our purpose is to help photographers, photography lovers to the market carefully selected some good quality books, save them do not know what to see, what to buy, what to do. Rich legal books, comfortable reading environment, a variety of beneficial cultural activities, such as: photography forum, lectures, new book sales, and professional photography exhibition can be visited to learn, the majority of readers love and attention. Turn tired, can sit down to drink a cup of coffee, taste tea, chat, lu lu cat......